BC Racing Coilover Types

The most affordable entry into coilover suspension without sacrificing performance, comfort, build quality, vehicle height, or handling.

RM Series
RM Series  are highly Customizable with an inverted Mono-Tube Strut Design and Linear Piston And Damping Curve

ER Series
ER Series offers 30-clicks of independently adjustable compression and rebound with remote reservoirs to increase oil capacity and help with faster heat dissipation
V1 Series Coilovers are the entry level coilover kit. Mainly used for track and fast road use
DS Series digressive piston design offers increased damping force at low piston velocities while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities.
HM Series
HM Series uses an inverted mono-tube damper, just like the RM Series, but adds the independent compression and rebound adjustment of the ER Series
ZR Series – Our Flagship Coilovers offer the most adjustability of any BC Racing Coilover System to date.
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