Our current projects include a 1990 Ford Sierra Sapphire Fast Road/Track Car, which has a the rear Cage from a 6 Point bolt in Safety Devices Roll cage, Recliner Cobra Bucket Seats, along with a partially stripped interior. This car has been through various incarnations from being a clean show car to being a fully stripped out track car and now being a Fast Road/Track car that can be used daily. We have also carried out a number of engine changes, and currently have planned a new engine from a more modern Ford.

A second project is slightly more modern. We are in the process of building a second track car from a Ford Focus St170. This will make a great little track car.

This car has now been built up to a point that we have been out testing various times. we have almost reached the performance limit of the car in its current configuration, and have identified the next round of improvements including a 3J LSD and further weight saving. once these have been completed, the Engine work will begin, starting with the heads getting fully ported and polished with race cams, then hopefully over the next winter the engine bottom end will be rebuilt with high compression Forged pistons and steel Rods.

The car will then be tested further to prove its reliabilityand can then decide on any further changes, however we are hoping at this point it will be a very competitive car in both the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship and the Hot Hatch Series also at Castle Combe.

Once this car is finished it will undergo a full testing program to ensure it is working as best it can, ensuring it will be capable of being a front running car in the class.