Delivery Info

Whilst we hold some stock of of our ranges, we suggest that you do not schedule any installation work until a few days after the expected delivery date. This will enable the resolution of any delivery or technical issue that may arise. For out of stock or items specially made to order, we will advise the current lead time forecast upon your order.

All items from stock 1-2 days. GAZ suspension 3 weeks. D2 brake kits 30 days. K-Sport brake kits can be 30 days to 12 weeks depending upon stock.


Delivery Zones indicate the delivery cost, unfortunately some of our courier companies charge extra depending on which zone your in.
The correct delivery cost will be applied at checkout once you enter our address.

Delivery zones are as follows:

Zone 1: all those not in zone 2 and 3

Zone 2:

FK17*,FK18*,FK19*, FK2*, FK20*, FK21* ,AB36*, AB37*, AB38*, AB55*, AB56*, IV63*, HS1*, HS2*, HS3*, HS4*, HS5*, HS6*, HS7*, HS8*, HS9*, IV1*, IV10* ,IV11*, IV12*, IV13*, IV14*, IV15*, IV16*, IV17*, IV18*, IV19*, IV2*, IV20* ,IV21*, IV22*, IV23*, IV24*, IV25*, IV26*, IV27*, IV28*, IV3*, IV30*, IV31*, IV32*, IV36*, IV40*, IV41*, IV42*, IV43*, IV44*, IV45*, IV46*, IV47*, IV48*, IV49*, IV51*, IV52*, IV53*, IV54*, IV55*, IV56*, KA27*, KA28*, KW1*, KW10*    KW11*, KW12*, KW13*, KW14*, KW15* ,KW16*, KW17*  KW2*, KW3*, KW5*, KW6*, KW7*, KW8*, KW9*, PA20*, PA21*, PA22*, PA23*, PA24*, PA25*, PA26*, PA27*, PA28*, PA29*, PA30*, PA31*, PA32*, PA33*, PA34*, PA35*, PA36*, PA37*, PA38* ,PA39*, PA40*, PA41*, PA42*, PA43*, PA44*, PA45*, PA46*, PA47*, PA48*, PA49* ,PA60*, PA61*, PA62*, PA63*, PA64*, PA65*, PA66*, PA67*, PA68*, PA69*, PA70*, PA71*, PA72*, PA73*, PA74*, PA75*, PA76*, PA77*, PA78*, PH17*, PH18*, PH19*, PH20*, PH21*, PH22*, PH23*, PH24*, PH25*, PH26*, PH3*, PH30*, PH31*, PH32*, PH33*, PH34*, PH35*, PH36*, PH38*, PH39*, PH40*, PH41*, PH42*, PH43*, PH44*, PH49*, PH50*, ZE1*, ZE2*, ZE3*


Zone 3:

BT1*, BT10*, BT11*, BT12*, BT13*, BT14*, BT15*, BT16*, BT17*, BT18*, BT19*, BT2*, BT20*, BT21*, BT22*, BT23*, BT24*, BT25*, BT26*, BT27*, BT28*, BT29*, BT3*, BT30*, BT31*, BT32*, BT33*, BT34*, BT35*, BT36*, BT37*, BT38*, BT39*, BT4*, BT40*, BT41*, BT42*, BT43*, BT44*, BT45*, BT46*, BT47*, BT48*, BT49*, BT5*, BT51*, BT52*, BT53*, BT54*, BT55*, BT56*, BT57*, BT6*, BT60*, BT61*, BT62*, BT63*, BT64*, BT65*, BT66*, BT67*, BT68*, BT69*, BT7*, BT70*, BT71*, BT74*, BT75*, BT76*, BT77*, BT78*, BT79*, BT8*, BT80*, BT81*, BT82*, BT9*, BT92*, BT93*, BT94*, BT99*, IM1*, IM2*, IM3*, IM4*, IM5*, IM6*, IM7*, IM8*, IM9*, IM99*, TR21*, TR22*, TR23*, TR24*, TR25*

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